Summary 11.04.2009 – 13.04.2009

This is my first post in this category and I feel the need to explain its purpose.

When dealing with a lot of information it is quite useful to be able to filter it out. I intend to provide posts like this in order to group blog posts for different areas.

Here it goes!

C# 4.0

Bart de Smet wrote another post on a new feature of C# 4.0 : Covariance and contravariance. More on this topic from older posts by Charlie Calvert and by Justin Etheredge here and here.

.NET RIA Services

Guy Burnstein wrote three interesting posts on DomainDataSource:


If you are looking for a list of blogs on ASP.NET MVC, Bart de Smet just put one together. I would personally add the following blogs:

  • Luis Abreu is a MVP on ASP.NET.
  • Rob Connery has an excellent series of posts on ASP.NET MVC Storefront and Kona – an OSS application.
  • Phil Haacked is a Senior Program Manager working on ASP.NET MVC.

Dino Esposito presents the main differences between Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC.

David Hayden shows how we can inject dependencies in filters. I wish for something like this also in Enterprise Library 5.0 ;)!


Stephen Walther wrote a very interesting post on what are the differences between TDD and unit testing.

Visual Studio 2010

Jeff Beehler has put together the list of all the podcasts from Channel 9 on Visual Studio 2010



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