Summary 28.04.2009 – 05.05.2009


Scott Mitchell has a nice article on how we can apply a custom image transformation such as watermarking using the previous presented ASP.NET Dynamic Image Control.

CSS sprites might be an answer for optimizing network traffic.


If building JQuery animations seems difficult, go check out Glimmer! Tim Heuer has a nice post about adding JQuery animations using Glimmer.


David Hayden has a nice post about writing a custom anti forgery token.

Jeffrey Palermo has a very nice article about why one should start using ASP.NET MVC.

Scott Guthrie and Phil Haacked announce the release in HTML of their ASP.NET MVC NerdDinner walkthrough a full chapter of Professional ASP.NET MVC 1.0 book.

Keving Nayyeri and Simone Chiaretta have announced the release of a sample chapter of their book Beginning ASP.NET MVC 1.0.

.NET RIA Services

DCOM, Corba, RMI and … .NET RIA Services?! A great post by Fredik Normen on whether the history of hiding the tier splitting is yet another history repeating.


Karl Seguin has published the third part of his tutorial on building a validation framework and has also published a sample application that uses ASP.NET MVC.

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