Summary 29.05.2009 – 10.06.2009


Scott Mitchell published his 14th article about membership, profiles and roles showing how to create a page for updating the security question and answer. He also has another article on his ListView and DataPager series talking about deleting data with ListView control and editing data with ListView control.


Phil shows how to capture the output of a page in a string.

David Ebbo has an excellent article about a custom build provider to simplify the ASP.NET MVC Action Links. He continues his idea showing a T4 approach to generating ASP.NET MVC Action Links.

Phil also has a interesting article about an alternative approach to generating action links using strongly typed helpers.

Phil shows the roadmap for ASP.NET MVC and the installer for Visual Studio 2010.


David Ebbo has an excellent post about the pros and cons of T4 versus CodeDom when it comes to code generation.

.NET 4.0

Tess writes about background garbage collection in CLR 4.0.

There are some great webcasts about CLR 4.0:

Derik talks about code contracts and how to handle legacy code.


Damien has a nice post about the LINQ to SQL changes in .NET 4.0.


Scott Gu announces the release of IIS SEO Toolkit.


Brad Abrams talks about the roadmap for .NET RIA Services.


Scott Gu has two new article with interesting links:

Charlie Calvert posts some interesting links about Visual Studio 2010 new features.

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