Summary 07.08.2009 – 08.08.2009



David Hayden shows how the support for System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations in DefaultModelBinder works in ASP.NET MVC 2.0 Preview 1.

Entity Framework

Julie Lerman talks about code only support and query improvements in EF 4.0.

Alex James talks about structural annotations.


Bart DeSmet has an excellent introductory post about MEF.

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Summary 06.08.2009


Entity Framework

In the latest MSDN Magazine, David Simmons talks about N-Tier Application Patterns and Tim Mallalieu talks about Data Access Architecture Best Practices.

Simon Seagal has an interesting post about fetching strategies in EF 4.0. Also Alex James has a nice post about implementing fetching strategies.

Mattieu Mezil show how to use TypeDescriptors to make FK work in EF 1.0.

In his 30th tip, Alex James shows how to use database functions in EF 1.0 and EF 4.0.

The ADO.NET team presents the improvements to the generated SQL for Entity Framework.


Phil Haacked shows how to focus in View pages on presentation concerns by moving Page declaration to web.config. He also shows a prototype of default templated views that we might have in the future bits of MVC.


Kirill Osenkov points out the C# compiler team blogs.

Chris Burrows has a nice post about dynamic base classes.

Eric Lippert has another bunch of excellent articles:

Learning resources for Entity Framework 4.0 new features


The learning resources for C# 4.0 proved to very useful for many people so I thought about doing the same thing for EF 4.0.

New features

SQL improvements

POCO Objects

Deferred Loading and Explicit Loading

Functions in LINQ to Entities

Tip 30 – How to use a custom database function

Model Defined Functions

EDM Designer

Model-First Support

Code Only Support

Complex Type Support

Table splitting


Design patterns



Self tracking entities

POCO T4 templates


EDM designer

Foreign keys



Tip 32 – How to create a database from SSDL – EF 4 only

Tip 31 – How to compose L2O and L2E queries

Tip 30 – How to use a custom database function

Tip 29 – How to avoid LazyLoad or Load() reader issues

Tip 28 – How to implement an Eager Loading strategy

Tip 27 – How to Implement BeforeSave Validation

Tip 26 – How to avoid database queries using Stub Entities

Tip 25 – How to get Entities by key the easy way

Tip 24 – How to get the ObjectContext from an Entity

Tip 23 – How to fake Enums in EF 4

Tip 22 – How to make Include really Include

Tip 21 – How to use the Single() operator – EF 4.0 only

Tip 20 – How to deal with Fixed Length Keys

Tip 19 – How to use Optimistic Concurrency with the Entity Framework

Tip 18 – How to decide on a lifetime for your ObjectContext

Tip 17 – How to do one step updates with AttachAsModified(..)

Tip 16 – How to mimic .NET 4.0’s ObjectSet<T> today

Tip 15 – How to avoid loading unnecessary Properties

Tip 14 – How to cache Entity Framework Reference Data

Tip 13 – How to Attach an Entity the easy way

Tip 12 – How to choose an Inheritance Strategy

Tip 11 – How to avoid Relationship Span

Tip 10 – How to understand Entity Framework jargon

Tip 9 – How to delete an object without retrieving it

Tip 8 – How to write ‘WHERE IN’ style queries using LINQ to Entities

Tip 7 – How to fake Foreign Key Properties in .NET 3.5 SP1

Tip 6 – How and when to use eager loading

Tip 5 – How to restrict the types returned from an EF Query

Tip 4 – Conceptual Schema Definition Language Rules

Tip 3 – How to get started with T4

Tip 2 – Entity Framework Books

Tip 1 – How to sort Relationships in the Entity Framework



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Business application with RIA Services and Silverlight 3.0 RTM


Brad Abrams has a series of posts about building a business application with RIA Services and Silverlight 3.0:

Summary 14.07.2009



CoNatural announces that both their DAL and asynchronous framework have been published to CodePlex. They have also uploaded a Visual Studio plugin for migrating stored procedures as CoNatural commands.

Justin Etheredge has a nice post explaining why LINQ is not LINQ to SQL.

Simon Segal shows an approach to be used in resolving a types property name using strongly typed expressions.

Kirill Osenkov presents his Undo/Redo framework.

Visual Studio 2010

John Robbins shows how historical debugging and multithreaded debugging work.

Channel 9 host a new episode about creating extensible applications with MEF.


Jimmy Bogard shows how he does MVC in his current project.

Chad Myers explains how Front Controller should be implemented in MVC.

Entity Framework 4.0

Julie Lerman talks about model-defined functions and why work with ObjectStateEntities instead of the objects directly.

Matthieu Mezil writes about POCO T4 templates.

Entity Framework

Alex James continues his series of tips showing how to avoid database queries using Stub Entities.

Matthieu Mezil show how to implement EF4.0 IObjectSet<T> methods in EF1.0.


Jonathan Carter shows how the new Sys.Data.DataContext and Sys.Data.AdoNetDataContext classes can be used to consume server side data from a WCF/ASMX or ADO.NET Data Service and how the change tracking and data persistence functionality of DataContext works.


Maarten Balliauw shows how to implement application-wide action filters.

David Hayden shows the MvcContrib Grid and Pager helpers.


Simone Ince shows how to detect a Server.Transfer call.

Summary 11.07.2009 – 12.07.2009



Thomas Marquardt has an excellent post about the correct use of System.Web.HttpResponse.Redirect.


Scott Hanselman has a great post about migrating an ASP.NET MVC 1.0 running on .NET 3.5 to Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1.

Entity Framework

Moses talks about integrating MySQL support through EF in Kigg.

Visual Studio 2010

3 new webcasts about Visual Studio 2010 are available on Channel 9:

Daniel Moth talks about the parallel stacks feature.


Silverlight 3 and Expression 3 are out there! Go and get it! More details from Somasegar, ScottGu and Nikhil Kothari.


Sebastian Burckhardt talks about Chess;s data race detection and ChessBoard on Channel 9.

Summary 29.05.2009



Oleg show how to use T4 in order to improve the model-driven approach for LINQ to SQL applications.

Entity Framework

Danny Simmons shares two interesting material from TechEd: POCO and EntityFramework 4.0 features and his sample code showing some useful tips for creating n-tier applications with EntityFramework shipped with .NET 3.5 SP1.

The ADO.NET team has an excellent post about how POCO works in EF 4.0.

Alex James continues the tips on EF:

Visual Studio 2010

Daniel Moth has three new articles about parallel programming:


John Robbins has an excellent post about PDB files.


Scott Hanselman continues the posts about the new features of C# 4.0 talking about the dynamic keyword and embedded interop assemblies.


Rob Conery continues the Kona experiment approaching BDD.