Summary 15.07.2009



The CLR team shows how to get more information from an error using Marshal.GetLastWin32Error.

Eric Lippert explains what “raising”,”hoisting” and “lifting” and currying means. In the next version of C# (version 5 I guess), we might even have observable collections, where they push data as events do. He has a great code puzzle about static and instance methods and how name collision resolution works in different scenarios.

Visual Studio 2010

If you do not want to change the security for your older projects, the CLR team shows how to enable CAS compatibility mode for a project.

Kirill Osenkov shows how much fun you can have in the new Visual Studio 2010 editor.


Rick Strahl explains how to use (local) transactions with LINQ to SQL.


David Hayden shows how to use the Enterprise Library Logging Application Block as a custom ActionFilter.

John Teague has an interesting tip showing how adding a specific id to <body> allows you to have specific CSS for different code.


Billy McAfferty has an excellent post about the lessons he learned in practice.

Ian Cooper has a great article showing why choosing agile will allow your project to fail in a better way.


Summary 08.05.2009


Entity Framework

Alex James continues his tips series showing how we can add new entities and modifying them in a more elegant way. Another great tip from him is about the lifetime for ObjectContext.


Sometimes the terms usually used by different methodologies can be confusing. Scott has a nice post in which he presents the terms mapping from Scrum to traditional Agile methodologies.


Tom has a nice article about using EF stored procedures that don’t return tables in a RIA solution with Silverlight.


Kazi Mansur Rashid has a cool article about a custom ActionFilter that allow automatic page redirects on the client after a specified inactivity period. He also has two great articles about building a custom jQuery script manager similar to the Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX’s ScriptManager.


Yves continues his DDD tutorial talking about identifying the right aggregate roots as conceptual contours, keeping low coupling in classes, closures of operations as a way to limit the scope of a class and about how declarative design can be leveraged using several programming techniques.

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Summary 07.05.2009



CoNatural continue their series on asynchronous search with ASP.NET MVC and JQuery.

Phil has an excellent article about another hidden gem of ASP.NET that allows us to mingle with the page parsing process: PageParseFilter.

Scott Allen show how to build a custom model binder and what are the different issues the arise in different implementations.

Maarten Balliauw adds to the previous list of best practices his very own.

David Hayden has a nice article about working with custom ControllerActionInvoker and overriding CreateActionResult() in order to return JSON results.

Visual Studio 2010

The WebDev Team just published a great article on how we can have a web.config file for each staging environment based on the new transformation features available in Visual Studio 2010.

Channel 9 has another webcast on functional UI testing.


For a deep dive into ThreadAbortException and how to make it stop using catch clause and Thread.ResetAbort(), go check the CLR Team’s post!

Eric Lippert has another great article that explains that value types being stored on the stack is just an optimization detail performed by the CLR.


Eric Lippert explains how events are raised properly and what are the risks involved with using them inappropriately.


Vittorio has another great article about claims and how they work.


The Microsoft Support Team has a very cool article about debugging ASP.NET requests at runtime in IIS 6.0.


Bertrand Le Roy has another great tip on how to use JQuery to instantiate Microsoft AJAX components.


The SRLTeam has a great post about bug management.


Simon Segal has a great post about mocking Entity Framework repositories with Moq.

Team Foundation Server

If you are looking for customizing different aspects of TFS, keep an eye on this blog as it very useful information. Currently they have a nice series of posts on work item customization.

Enterprise Library

Grigori Melnik has some greats news about EntLibContrib: a new release is available (based on the EL 3.1 core) and the future plans include upgrade to the core of EL 4.1.

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Summary 27.04.2009



Luis presents how the duplicate entity validator works and what is inside the SharpArch.Web namespace.


Jonathan Oliver joins the debate Greg and Ayende had over the past few days, sharing his ideas on the repository pattern. Jonathan’s concerns summarize some of the most frequently asked questions around repositories:

  1. How do we best query the repository to find the particular aggregates that we care about?
  2. How do we handle UI concerns such as paging within the repository?
  3. Does the repository even care about UI concerns?
  4. How do we display domain objects to the UI (this is only slightly related to the repository pattern).
  5. How do we modify our domain objects to support lazy loading?


Keyvan Nayyeri, one of the authors of Beginning ASP.NET MVC 1.0, writes about IRouteHandler.

The storm continues as Chad Meyer presents his opinion on MVC vs. WebForms. While Chad puts the two technologies head to head, go and watch this video where ASP.NET MVC and WebForms are combined. Simone Chiaretta, the other author of Beginning ASP.NET MVC 1.0, shares his thoughts on when and why ASP.NET MVC should be adopted.


Scott Mitchell announces that another four hosting tutorials are now available on These tutorials follow the first six tutorials on hosting.

Windows 7

The RC release will be out this week and the Public Sector Developer Team published a few useful links with the changes from the beta.

Visual Studio 2008

Rick Strahl gives another great tip on how to create template projects.

Internet Explorer 8

Check-out this interesting video on box sizing and vertical text. John Hrvatin, the Lead Program Manager on IE Team, has some great tips on how to improve the application performance with IE8.


Karl Seguin writes about the 7 phases of unit testing. Where are you?


Remember Control Adapters? Adapter Groups were supposed to be included in ASP.NET 4.0 but Scott Galloway announces that they will be out in the next beta.

Agile development

Nick Malik has a great article on agile development and agile architecture and what are the required changes from the classic waterfall and BDUF approach in order to improve the delivery.


Karl Seguin continues his tutorial on building a validation framework showing how client-side validation can be done.


Eric Lippert as usual has a great post explaining what is wrong when value types are by definition as variables allocated on the stack.

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Summary 11.04.2009 – 13.04.2009


This is my first post in this category and I feel the need to explain its purpose.

When dealing with a lot of information it is quite useful to be able to filter it out. I intend to provide posts like this in order to group blog posts for different areas.

Here it goes!

C# 4.0

Bart de Smet wrote another post on a new feature of C# 4.0 : Covariance and contravariance. More on this topic from older posts by Charlie Calvert and by Justin Etheredge here and here.

.NET RIA Services

Guy Burnstein wrote three interesting posts on DomainDataSource:


If you are looking for a list of blogs on ASP.NET MVC, Bart de Smet just put one together. I would personally add the following blogs:

  • Luis Abreu is a MVP on ASP.NET.
  • Rob Connery has an excellent series of posts on ASP.NET MVC Storefront and Kona – an OSS application.
  • Phil Haacked is a Senior Program Manager working on ASP.NET MVC.

Dino Esposito presents the main differences between Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC.

David Hayden shows how we can inject dependencies in filters. I wish for something like this also in Enterprise Library 5.0 ;)!


Stephen Walther wrote a very interesting post on what are the differences between TDD and unit testing.

Visual Studio 2010

Jeff Beehler has put together the list of all the podcasts from Channel 9 on Visual Studio 2010