Summary 10.05.2009



Brad Abrams announces the new RIA Services May Preview which includes some new features among whom I personally find interesting the new LINQ to SQL Domain Provider. I am looking forward to see the first NHibernate Domain Provider ;).


Geneva Beta 2 was announced at TechEd.

Vittorio also announces the release of a Identity Developer Training Kit.

If you want to learn more about Geneva, go check out the 4 videos on Channel 9.


Eric Lippert has an excellent article on the use of reserved keywords and contextual keywords such as var, dynamic during the preprocessing phase of the compiling process.


Luis continues his series on multithreading with a new one on synchronization. The complete list of posts is:

Entity Framework

The ADO.NET Team published two new posts talking about the migration from IPOCO to POCO in EF 2.0 and the main scenarios and patterns for the next release shipping in Visual Studio 2010.


Jimmy Bogart has a great article about making AutoMapper more IoC friendly. He shows how AutoMapper plays nicely together with StructureMap.

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Summary 09.05.2009



Keyvan continues the posts about ASP.NET MVC showing how to implement your own CustomControllerFactory taking in consideration the client regional settings.


Tess points out StackViewer – a cool tool for viewing the stack trace of a running applications in .NET 2.0. As it only attaches, takes a snap of the stack and then detaches, it makes a perfect candidate for debugging performance/hangs in various applications.

Parallel Programming

Soma announces the release of Axum – a language designed for building parallel applications. Matthew Podwysocki also has some details about Axum. For more information, go to the Axum Team Blog.


Christian Weyer has some excellent posts on what’s new in .NET for WCF:


Scott Galloway has a very interesting post about removing the CSS inline style GridView comes with.


Ayende continues his series of inspiring posts with a couple more:


Luis continues talking about Sharp :


Luis has also started a series of posts about multithreading:

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