Summary 09.08.2009 – 11.08.2009



Simone Chiaretta dissects the DropDownList helper method.

David Hayden continues his post from yesterday showing how we can separate the validation annotations into a metadata class via BuddyMetadataProvider similar to how DynamicData works.


Daniel Cazzulino shows how to achieve strongly typed reflection for generic types and methods by creating a delegate of the target method and using the delegate’s properties to get the corresponding MethodInfo.

The CLR team talks about IL Stubs Everywhere feature in C# 4.0 that allows the same IL stubs infrastructure for all marshalling on all platforms.

Bart DeSmet presents the new System.Linq.Expressions namespace in C# 4.0.

Design patterns

Jeremy Miller announces that the presentation patterns wiki is live!


Jonathan Oliver has an excellent post about distributing a single bounded context on different machines and dealing with optimistic concurrency.

Entity Framework

Julie talks about entity properties that we can take advantage of in EF 4.0 and that are designed for model first and dynamic data support.


Fredrik Normen shows how SubmitChanges mechanism works in .NET RIA Services.


Mike Taulty has a nice post about Unity’s features.

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Summary 10.05.2009



Brad Abrams announces the new RIA Services May Preview which includes some new features among whom I personally find interesting the new LINQ to SQL Domain Provider. I am looking forward to see the first NHibernate Domain Provider ;).


Geneva Beta 2 was announced at TechEd.

Vittorio also announces the release of a Identity Developer Training Kit.

If you want to learn more about Geneva, go check out the 4 videos on Channel 9.


Eric Lippert has an excellent article on the use of reserved keywords and contextual keywords such as var, dynamic during the preprocessing phase of the compiling process.


Luis continues his series on multithreading with a new one on synchronization. The complete list of posts is:

Entity Framework

The ADO.NET Team published two new posts talking about the migration from IPOCO to POCO in EF 2.0 and the main scenarios and patterns for the next release shipping in Visual Studio 2010.


Jimmy Bogart has a great article about making AutoMapper more IoC friendly. He shows how AutoMapper plays nicely together with StructureMap.

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Summary 08.05.2009


Entity Framework

Alex James continues his tips series showing how we can add new entities and modifying them in a more elegant way. Another great tip from him is about the lifetime for ObjectContext.


Sometimes the terms usually used by different methodologies can be confusing. Scott has a nice post in which he presents the terms mapping from Scrum to traditional Agile methodologies.


Tom has a nice article about using EF stored procedures that don’t return tables in a RIA solution with Silverlight.


Kazi Mansur Rashid has a cool article about a custom ActionFilter that allow automatic page redirects on the client after a specified inactivity period. He also has two great articles about building a custom jQuery script manager similar to the Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX’s ScriptManager.


Yves continues his DDD tutorial talking about identifying the right aggregate roots as conceptual contours, keeping low coupling in classes, closures of operations as a way to limit the scope of a class and about how declarative design can be leveraged using several programming techniques.

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